About us

HOA BINH INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION CO., LTD was established in 2013, in 2019 we have a need to develop the system, international routes and change the license. International transaction name - PEACE TRANSPORT LOGISTICS CO., LTD. As a leading company in the field of Forwarding Agents, International and Domestic Shipping, Through many years of studying and researching domestic and international markets, with the desire to establish a long-term cooperative relationship. With long term customers, we with a team of excellent expertise have provided reputable services, quality and the most competitive prices. Bring satisfaction and peace of mind to customers.

Our main services include:

  • Services Transporting goods by sea, by air from Vietnam to other countries in the world and vice versa, through its Agent system such as LCL, whole container (FCL), packing ( Consol), breakbulk vessel, special vessel (RO/RO vessel).
  • Services Transportation of domestic goods by air, rail, road, river to all locations in the country through the company's branch.
  • Domestic Customs Clearance Service (On behalf of customers, carry out customs declaration and delivery procedures as required).
  • Import and export entrustment service, at home and abroad.
  • Other services such as warehousing, transportation, packaging, purchasing cargo insurance ... 

Company size and current partners:

Currently we have over 1000 agency partners  worldwide, and are members of two leading associations in the transportation industry WCA and WCNA. Especially with a team of experienced staff, many years in the field of customs declaration and transportation, we are providing services to many different partners in many fields such as:

  • Power industry
  • Wood industry
  • Film Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Vehicle industry
  • Oil industry
  • Manufacturing and Consumption Industry


Over the years, Peace Logistics has always improved and improved service quality and set the goal of striving to become a top quality transportation service provider.

With a team of experienced staff, carefully selected and trained, methodical, enthusiastic, dedicated and responsible when advising you in choosing shipping and business options. achieve the highest efficiency, in order to save costs and minimize risks for customers.

Our motto: Ensure professionalism, credibility, safety and speed.

When you have needs, please contact us with details and contact person below or visit Homepage: https://peacevn.com; https://dichvulogistics.com or phone number: 0911.529.168 (Ms. Lisa) for more details.

We look forward to receiving your response, support and long-term cooperation.

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