Elevator machine import procedures

Imported elevator with many advantages of safety, durability and aesthetics. Today, Peace Logistics will share with you what documents do you need to import elevators!


Documents needed to import elevators:
- Bill of lading
- Customs declaration
- Invoice for purchase and sale of goods
- Detailed packing list of goods
- Specifications
In addition, you need:

- Register for state inspection (by Vinacontrol)

- Open the declaration of towing goods for storage

- After that, there will be an assessment of conformity - submitted to the Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs

Only after the evaluation of conformity can be sold.
For more information about the procedure for importing elevators, please contact Peace or contact the phone number: 0911.529.168 (Ms.Lisa)
Or visit the website to update more information: https://dichvulogistics.com.vn/

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