Peace shares some popular positions in the Logistics industry

You are a fresh graduate. You study Logistics but still do not understand the position and job opportunities of this industry.

Today, Peace shares some common positions in the Logistics industry for you to understand and have more choices for yourself!


Specific work:

- Looking for customers in the field: OCE, Air, domestic transportation, import and export.

- Approach and advise directly to customers: Offer price, draft contract, set up contract signing procedures.

- Develop and maintain relationships with customers, partners... - Directly introduce the company's services to customers. - Take care of existing customers, find and develop new customers. - Dealing with customers as assigned, answering customers' daily questions via email, phone.


Specific work:

- Drafting and negotiating the terms and conditions of import-export contracts.

-Check the validity of the import documents before payment.

- Track and update the itinerary of imported shipments (departure date, return date, storage container, storage yard).

- Prepare import clearance documents, make import customs clearance declarations to the inland.

- Check the accuracy of the import dossier for the goods brought to the bonded warehouse, coordinate with the bonded warehouse to bring the goods to the warehouse.

- Solve problems arising in the process of importing and unloading goods at ports and border gates.

- Prepare set of export documents as required.

- Learn the procedures for importing and exporting goods when required.

- Maintain records and documents.

- Other tasks as assigned by the Board of Directors.


Specific work:

- Contact the shipping company to book a shipment to the port.

- Making international payments (opening LC, transferring TT…) to foreign beneficiaries.

- Prepare and check customs clearance documents for imported goods: invoice, packinglist, CO, CQ…) / consultation documents and go directly to the Customs.

- Track order progress from transaction to receipt.

- Receive and respond to product complaints about suppliers

- Update inventory report daily for Board of Directors, Sales department and customers


Specific work:

- Prepare debt report for customers.

- Check and track debt details.

- Making payment records with customers

- Compare and review data and documents on expenses incurred in the Company's business activities.

- Prepare debt reports for domestic and foreign customers.

- Check and track debt details.

- Making international payment documents.

-Compare and review data and documents on revenue and expenses incurred in the Company's business activities.

- Check, monitor input invoices, declare VAT

- Accounting of arising economic transactions into accounting software.


Specific work:

- Carrying out customs clearance and goods inspection procedures at Customs Sub-Departments

- Working at ports and yards: choosing containers…

- Coordinate the activities of the staff at the customs branch outside the border gate and the border gate customs.

- Transactions with customers during service provision

- Understand the goods and documents before going to the border gate

- Follow the company's professional guidelines.

- Carrying out import and export goods delivery. Job details will be discussed at the interview.


Specific jobs:

- Get documents, D/O from customers, shipping lines, Logistics companies.

- After the customs declarant successfully transmits the declaration, the application will be received to continue completing the registration/declaration procedure at the port/airport/ICD.

- Carrying out procedures for plant and animal quarantine, inspection, quality control, and health according to the requirements of each shipment. – Do the procedures for freight/container delivery with the carrier at the port. Track the performance of carriers with delivered shipments

- Other tasks when required


Warehouse management is one of the indispensable stages in the production and business process. Where is the product taken from, how much is taken, how is the warehouse far from the center to be distributed, how to transport the goods... All can't happen spontaneously, but a warehouse operator is needed. with skills, knowledge and sharp analysis to do the job in the most effective way.


Port staff will be responsible for coordinating containers on board or from ship to port.


Customer care has become one of the survival factors of companies and requires a lot of investment in terms of effort as well as money. Customer service staff in the Logistics industry is the one who advises and provides freight services to customers, and you must constantly know information about the status of goods during transportation to update them continuously. customer.


This is a profession with the most "hot" income of all time, always a job that attracts the attention of many young people.

The professional capacity of the customs officer plays a very important role in ensuring the legality of import and export goods and the movement of goods to help the port not be congested.

To follow this industry, you need to pay attention to improve:

– Basic knowledge of customs procedures, freight forwarding, running orders, experience in customs clearance

– Skills: good English communication, communication ability, good situation handling, good teamwork as well as independent, know how to manage time, scientific work…

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