Peace Logistics Company is a fast growing Logistics company. In order to meet the Company's job needs, we need to recruit the following positions:

Position: Customs Document Officer.

Quantity: 02

Job description:

- Receive documents from the sales department (Sales) and Customers.

- Consulting on import and export procedures for the company's customers.

- Check the validity of import and export dossiers.

- Follow up import and export shipments until completed, goods reach customers.

- Coordinate with relevant departments to handle (incurred) if there is a completion of delivery schedule for customers.

Job requirements:

- Priority is given to candidates with 1 year experience in import-export or Logistics field (minimum 6 months).

- Married.

- Quick, enthusiastic, good communication. Having skills in using ECUS/VNACSS customs declaration software. If you do not know, you can get Professional Training from the company.

- Basic English (TOEIC 600)

- Proficient in office.

- College degree or higher.

- Special priority: Candidates who have worked in logistics, freight forwarding, have a spirit of learning and have the ability to adapt well to new environments. Skills required:

- Agility, high improvisation in all cases; respect the collective consciousness.

- Ability to work independently and in a team.

- Establish relationships and regularly take care of customers.

- Show your skills right during the probationary period.

Benefits enjoyed:

- Hard salary 7-9 million depending on ability and experience.

- Bonus according to the ability to contribute.

- Trained at the company and training programs of associations, international freight forwarding certificates.

- Enjoy the regimes prescribed by the company: phone, travel, annual salary increase of 10-20%.

- Enjoy other regimes prescribed by the State (social insurance, unemployment insurance, health insurance), annual leave with full salary, bonuses on holidays, Tet, March 8…. 13th month salary.

- Allowance for travel, business trip and phone calls and training in field work (according to each job position).

- High potential for advancement.

- Dynamic, open working environment, encouraging your own opinions.

- Maximum probation period: 2 months (may be less if satisfactory), probationary salary 85% of basic salary.

Contact Info:

Peace Logistics Company Limited (Peace Logistics).

Address: 286 Nguyen Xien, Kim Giang, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Tel: 0911529168


Website: or

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