Peace Logistics develops a strong agent system in Chinese provinces such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong,... China has a huge amount of goods imported into Vietnam with a relatively high import deficit rate.

1. What is FCL goods? 

FCL (Full Container Load) is that you rent an entire container to pack your goods without any shipment. When the quantity of goods is too large, customers will rent a separate container to pack the goods to save costs.

2. Method of transporting FCL goods from China to Vietnam.

Due to the geographical distance between Vietnam and China is quite close, most of the goods will be transported by land or sea.

2.1. Sea shipping.

When transporting by sea, cargo ships of different tonnage will be used, accompanied by equipment for loading and unloading goods on and off the ship. Because sea freight does not "pick up" goods, customers can transport all types of goods in accordance with regulations. Shipping cost is cheaper than shipping by other method.

Peace Logistics is a reliable partner of major shipping lines such as: Oocl, Cosco, Maersk line,... We always support customs declaration service and transport to destination if customers have demand.

2.2. Transport by road.

Transport by road is the use of vehicles such as cars, trucks, passenger cars, container trucks, tractors... to transport goods. This form is also quite popular with transporting FCL goods from China to Vietnam because it is quite convenient for transportation on short distances.

The advantage of this method is always being proactive in time and diversifying goods during transportation. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that it is more limited by volume and size than by sea.

3. Items and groups of goods transported by FCL from China to Vietnam.​​​​​​​- Fryer without oil.

- Wooden furniture, fine art.

- Sanitary equipment (Bathtub, toilet, shower, ...)

- Barcode scanners.

- Air conditioner fan.

There are many other items that we import. If there is a need, please contact for a quote:


4. Import customs documents in Vietnam.

- Commercial invoice

- Packing slips

- Certificate of Origin

- Bill of lading

- Relevant documents (If necessary)

5. Service process of receiving goods from China to Vietnam.

Step 1: Receive and process order information. First, the customer sends a request for a quote with the following information: Sender Information Receiver's information Product name Tên Amount Port of departure Port of destination.

Step 2: Preliminary estimate of FCL goods.

- Shipping cost

- Days to go

- Date of arrival

- Consulting more policies for the item (if any).

Step 3: Confirm the information.

Step 4: Send information to the agent, contact the shipper to pick up the goods.

Step 5: Issue ship bill, send information to customer for confirmation.

Step 6: Support customs declaration and delivery if required by customers. In addition, we also have the fastest FCL shipping service from China to Vietnam. You can refer here.

For advice and support to transport FCL goods from China to Vietnam the fastest, please contact Peace directly or contact the phone number: 0911.529.168 (Ms.Lisa) Or visit the website to update more information:


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