Transporting goods through Huu Nghi international border gate

Huu Nghi International Border Gate is located on National Highway 1A, this is a border gate located on the Vietnam - China border, the point connecting the Nanning - Hanoi highway, 171 km northeast of Hanoi. Huu Nghi International Border Gate is an important bridge in the development of economic relations between Vietnam and China.

1. What customs procedures do you need at Huu Nghi border gate?

Huu Nghi International Border Gate

If you need to import goods through Huu Nghi border gate (Lang Son), we will help you import as follows: - Do customs procedures from China to export goods to Vietnam -Do Vietnam customs procedures for importing goods and transporting them to customers' warehouses To do the procedure, you need to provide us with the following information:

Case 1: Import entrustment includes:

+) Tax payment.

+) Catalog if it is machinery and equipment.

Case 2: Hiring someone to carry out customs clearance procedures includes:

+) Paper of introduction: 1 copy

+) Fake paper: 3 copies

+) Invoice a copy of the Chinese black mark, the Vietnamese copy: 1 copy

+) Catalog if it is machinery and equipment.

+) Customs fee payment form according to the form: 1 original

+) Receipt and handover of customs dossiers according to the form: 1 original And some other documents if needed.

2. In addition to customs procedures, Peace Logistics provides the following services:

- Delivery of import and export goods.

- Loading and unloading goods.

- Clearance.

- Apply for certificates of goods such as:

+) Certificate of origin,

+) Plant quarantine certificate,

+) Certificate of safe food for health,

+) Import and export license.

3. Reasons you should choose our service:

- As a leading freight forwarder, many years of experience.

- Low shipping cost, volume and size of goods are not restricted when transporting.

- Other modes of transportation available to assist.

- Professional transportation process from receiving goods, moving goods to the port, packing, customs declaration and delivery to the receiving point.

- Flexible in travel schedule for customers to choose.

- Goods are guaranteed high safety, full insurance policy included.

- Professional staff, large network are always ready to meet all your needs, committed to quality and reliability.

Customer satisfaction is our development criterion. Peace is always ready to support, advise, answer questions to bring the best service to customers.

For more information about international shipping services that Peace provides, please contact Peace or contact phone number: 0911.529.168 (Ms.Lisa)

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