What is export? Popular export forms in Vietnam.

Today, Peace will share with you knowledge about Export and popular forms of exporting goods in Vietnam today!

Export is understood as the sale of goods and services to another country, on the basis of using currency as a method of payment. The currency here can be the currency of either the buyer's, the seller's or a third country's.

1. The role of exports includes:

  • Generate revenue for the business.

  • Promote corporate brand, national brand.

  • Bring foreign currency to the country.

  • Contributing to the global economy.

What is export?

What is export?

2. The most popular forms of export today:

  • Direct export: The two buyers and sellers will directly sign foreign trade contracts. The exporter in his own name negotiates, sells, etc., so it is called direct.
  • Indirect export (Entrustment): With this form, the party having goods will entrust another unit called the consignee to carry out the export on behalf of the consignee. To implement this form, the entrusting enterprise needs to sign an entrustment export contract with a domestic unit. The entrusting party will sign the export contract, deliver the goods and make payment to the foreign unit and finally receive the export entrustment fee from the owner of the goods that has entrusted the export.
  • Export processing: Export processing is a form in which a domestic company receives production materials (mainly machinery and materials) from a foreign company to produce goods based on the requirements of the foreign company. ordering party. The manufactured goods will be exported to foreign countries as designated by the ordering company.
  • On-spot export: Vietnamese exporters sell goods to foreign traders, and are appointed by the importer to deliver goods to another unit in the Vietnamese territory.
  • Temporary export for re-import, temporary import for re-export: with this form, goods are only temporarily brought into Vietnam's territory and then exported to another country (temporarily imported for re-export), or domestic goods are temporarily exported. foreign countries and after a certain time are re-imported (temporarily exported for re-import).
  • Counter-trade: buyers are also sellers and vice versa, with imports and exports of equal value. This form is also known as linked import and export, or barter.
  • Export according to the secret protocol signed between the Governments: enterprises conduct export according to the indications and instructions in the signed documents of the Government, often between countries with close relations.

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